Al in for Austin

This past weekend, Saturday April 7th, the East Juniata National Honor Society held a benefit 5k, blood drive, and Springfest. The 5k raised $1,800 for Austin Parker. There were 33 runners involved in the 5k located on a route near the school. All prizes for the runners were donated by students or local businesses. Overall, the 5k was a success. 

The blood drive was held in the East Juniata High School gymnasium and was open to the public. Around 30 pints of blood were donated. The Springefest was held in the East Juniata cafeteria. There was games, face painting, crafts, and a bug scavenger hunt. The event was open to the public for kids. The weekend was a great success for a great cause. 

Paris Feltman & Thea Neimond 

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