(Updated) EJHS Boys’ Baseball Season Starts

The East Juniata High School baseball season has started. So far, the Boys Varsity has a record of 0-1. This season may be challenging due to new and less players.  We are EJ and we overcome our obstacles! Congratulations to the new head coach Justin Martin on leading our team this year! Justin has offered private lessons with the players to ensure a great EJ training experience! The team has been improving on their special skills and abilities like curveballs and sliders. The coach’s goal for this season is to go farther than EJ has went before. He is making predictions for the state championship! A new year for the EJ Tigers is possibly what they needed.

Justin Martin is the new head coach for our EJHS Boys’ Baseball team. This season, they are working to improve on all levels of their play. One main concern brought up by the coach was tolerance with umpires this season. The team will be focusing on working with the officials better this season. They are also working on cooperation and communication with the officials and each other. A major advancement is harder training for both varsity and junior varsity. They will be improving on stamina, pitching, hitting, special pitches, and many more skills for the boys to go to states! We will go far this year! We wish the EJHS Boys’ Baseball Team a great year and a big chance at the state championships!

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