It's finally spring! Birds are chirping, squirrels are scurrying, and eggs are hatching. Mainly Pigeon eggs in my case. 

Pigeons are a rather interesting avian creature. In some places, they are prized pets,while  in others they are delicacies to be eaten and enjoyed. The pigeons I keep, lean towards being prized pets. Each one has a unique and interesting personality.

Homer Pigeons

I have quite a few Homer pigeons, in fact they make up most of the group. Homer pigeons are bigger than the average barn pigeon, and they look rather similar in build. However, a Homer pigeon has a larger beak, and it's coloring tend to be paler in comparison to a barn pigeon. Homer pigeons are easy to take care of, but then again, pigeons aren't too difficult to upkeep, when,  they're  full grown, that is. Homer pigeons are also good parents, with the two usually taking turns to sit on the eggs while the other goes out to eat. Also, it's important to note that pigeons stay in pairs. It's very common to see the same two hatched together time and again.

Owl Pigeons

Owl pigeons are the ones I have the least experience with. I've only had a few, and unfortunately they were rather hard to manage. I had a pair of two beautiful ones who kept on making a nests that didn't have eggs. Of course, another one had a perfectly fine nest and hatched a beautiful crossed Pigeon, but I was still disappointed with my two lovely Owl pigeons. Owl pigeons have several distinctive traits as well, and their coloring is almost all over the place. My pair had a mismatch of colors in small patches, but the other one was a creamy color. Their beaks were small in comparison to Homer and barn pigeons, and they have a bit of feathers at the top of their head that look almost like  a cow-lick. Creamy, who's aptly named, formed a pair with one of my White Homers. The baby is pure white, but still has that crown at the top of their head. It seems to be a dominant trait for them. 

I have other breeds of pigeons, but they're rather well-known, so I wanted to share a few that aren't.

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