Studying Effectively

     At East Juniata High School, students are always trying to find more efficient and easier ways to study. They’re also looking for studying advice that will actually work and help them. 
     To find out the type of learner you are, there are small online quizzes you can take to determine that. You might be a visual, kinetic, auditory, or a reader/writer learner.
     A bunch of my classmates use different apps to study as well. Some of the apps are Quizlet and Memrise. Memrise is very helpful to study languages and Quizlet is great for any subject you want to study. Both of the apps are free and provide many learning techniques. 
     It helps to take breaks while studying to let the information stick in your head. Drinking lots of water will help you stay focused and energized, but stay away from sugary drinks in snacks before studying. It will be a lot harder to focus. Also, make sure you get enough sleep. Tiredness will result in you becoming more tired, and it takes away your ability to remember information. 
     These tips have been proven very helpful. Keep studying, stick with it, and you’ll get amazing grades. 

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