Credit Score Jenga

       For Mrs. Graybill’s Career and Consumer Science class, we have been learning about credit cards, identity theft, credit safety, etc. At the end of the lesson, we were assigned a group project about credit. For the project, we got into groups of three or four. Then, we were required to create a new game, using Jenga, about credit. We had to make up rules, while also using the basic rules of Jenga. After creating the rules, we had to come up with the object of the game. The objective was to create certain scenarios that would somehow affect your credit in any way. We had to have some positive effects and some negative effects. Each group member was required to have five scenarios. So, in total, you had 15 or 20 scenarios. You could make your scenarios as wild as you could imagine. For example, one could be that you had to take out a loan for $10,000. You could make the consequence that you lost so many points, like 30 points. But your points could vary and be whatever you wanted them to be.
       Once you create the scenarios, you had to put them into a Google Doc and share them with Mrs. Graybill. She would read through them and then print them out for you. You had to initial each card that you came up with, that way she would know who came up with which card. The next day, when we came to school, she handed out the paper with all of our cards and the directions we came up with. Then, we had to cut out each card and the directions. She provided us with an envelope that we would put the cards and directions into, once we were done with them. After everything was placed into the envelope, she collected them. Then, the whole class went out to the other side of the classroom, with their group. We put the desks together to form small tables. She handed out the Jenga boxes to each group. Then, she gave each group a random game, that was created by another group in the class. We got to play the other groups game. 
       She gave the whole class a piece of paper. We had to write two positive comments and two things that could have been done better. We also had to include the name of the game and the people who came up the game we were playing. After we finished the game, we handed in the paper to her. After all groups were done playing, we had a discussion. She asked us if the directions made sense to us. Then, she asked for our opinion on the project. She asked us if there was anything we were confused about or if we had any negative comments on the project. Then, her final question to wrap up the project and end the class was if we had fun, or we thought the project was fun. Majority, if not all, of the class thought that the project was a bunch of fun. There really were no complaints or anything. It was a fun and easy project. 

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