A New Elective

At East Juniata, we're advancing our educational opportunities. We're getting new technology and new electives are being added as each year passes. I am taking one of the new electives that were added, it's a music elective. Music Appreciation of the 20th is a class where we take advantage of the technology of the 21st century to create presentations to teach the class about the artists and music of the 20th century. Generally, each student picks a popular artist from the decade we're learning about and does a presentation on them. However, with the 1970's, the decade we're in now, each student has a year that they're presenting on. The class is only going to be available every three years, as other new music electives are going to alternate yearly. It is perhaps one of my favorite classes this year and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to take part in it. 

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