Hamlet in CP English

In Mrs. Hund’s CP English 10 class we read the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.  When we were done reading the play we were given a project to conclude the Hamlet unit. The project could have been anything that we wanted it to be and we could make it as original as we wanted. In my class we had many great projects, they were all very well put together. My group made a Hamlet Soundtrack, where we picked a song for every scene in the play. We then made an iMovie to make it feel like a real album. Another group also made a parody of many famous vine and memes, but made them to match with Hamlet. There was also a scrapbook project that had a symbol to represent the character and a summary about them. Other projects would include a board game, a spoof,  a painting and parts of the play in different pony of views. Mrs. Hund’s makes her class really fun with giving us fun assignments like this!

Caitlynn Dillman

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