Ephrata AM 3-14-18

Morning announcements for 3-14-18

Good Morning Ephrata, NAMES today is PIE DAY Wednesday March 14! Please rise for a moment of silence and the pledge to the flag.
Person 1: Sir Shamrock is a charity event run by National Honor Society.  Over the years, Sir Shamrock has raised money and awareness for American Cancer Society, Alzheimer’s Society, Schreiber Pediatric Hospital, the Humane League, and many more organizations that help support our society’s needs.
Person 2: Each Sir Shamrock candidate will try to win your support and donations for their charity.  This year our candidates are Seth Bollinger, Ethan Brubaker, Aaron Cummings, AJ Morales, and Mark Shykovskyy.  You can vote for your favorite candidate by placing your extra change or dollars in their Charity Jugs at lunch March 12-16.
Person 1: At the end of the competition, the Sir Shamrock candidate with the most donations will win the contest, be crowned Sir Shamrock live on Ephrata AM, and make a huge donation of all of the money raised by all 5 candidates to his chosen charity.
Person 2: Stay tuned this coming week for videos from each Sir Shamrock candidate.  They will share with your why you should use your donations to vote for their charity.  Don’t forget to vote at lunch March 12-16. 

Today a representative from Marywood University will be here at 1:15, tomorrow a representative from Shippensburg University will be here at 1:15.  Any students interested in meeting with a representative please see Mrs Ditzler in the Counseling Office .

Have you ever wanted to help dogs and cats? The Cloister FFA is holding a pet supply donation drive for the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County. Donations that are accepted include: 

Unopened dog and cat food
Food and water dishes
Scotch tape
Paper towels
Gently used blankets and towels
Kitty litter
Leashes and collars and
Dawn dish-washing soap

Donations are being accepted now until March 30th. Donation boxes are located in the high school lobby, Conestoga Animal Hospital, and the Ephrata Public Library. The Cloister FFA thanks you in advance for thinking of the animals! 
You’ve noticed some changes as we pack up for the media center renovation…the time has come. All classes, study halls, flex, obligation time, NHS passes, etc. will no longer be accepted in the library beginning March 19. THE LAST DAY TO USE THE MEDIA CENTER AND ITS RESOURCES FOR ANY REASON IS MARCH 16. Thanks for your understanding as we prepare to create a fantastic space for you!
Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, is the next one of Trump’s cabinet members to be shown the door. As Secretary of State, Tillerson’s main duties consisted of directing American foreign policy and managing relations with foreign states. Many are questioning the wisdom of replacing the top diplomatic executive in the government shortly before Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un, an incredibly important meeting that could prove to be volatile.

Additionally, Stephen Hawking, renowned British physicist and mathematician, died in his sleep in his Cambridge home last night. He was 76 years old. When he was only 22, medical specialists estimated his lifespan to be no more than a few years, following the diagnosis of a rare degenerative motor disorder. He ended up living a long and exceptionally accomplished life. He will be missed by fellow physicists and laymen the world over.

Today is the birthday of scientist and mathematician Albert Einstein! While you probably know him as the guy who developed the formula E=mc2, Einstein’s theories of relativity also helped pave the way for quantum theory and the atomic bomb. The public was not quick to accept Einstein’s revolutionary discoveries, but today he is highly esteemed. He won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921, and passed away in 1955.

Now over to _________ with lunch
There are no sports results since yesterdays matches were all scrimmages.
Today in sports, Tennis is away at Lancaster Mennonite
Now back to the main desk
Attention all students currently enrolled in AP courses:  This Friday, March 16th is the deadline to register for this year’s AP exams.  If you are interested, be sure to see your AP teacher or stop by the Counseling Office for an exam order form and AP Student Bulletin ASAP.  If we do not have this form and your $15 deposit for each exam that you are planning on taking by the end of the day on Friday, we cannot order an exam form for you. 

If you have questions, please make an appointment to see your counselor through Mrs. Ditzler right away.
9th Grade Future Leaders!  HOBY Leadership is looking for 9th graders from EHS to attend a one-day leadership workshop in Lancaster on Saturday April 14th.  This is an excellent opportunity to develop your leadership skills and connect with other future leaders.  To be considered to attend, submit a one paragraph essay to the guidance office on the following topic by Monday March 19th:

Explain why you would like to attend the leadership workshop and how you will use the leadership skills developed there to improve EHS.”
This is Aevidum Spirit Week. Our theme for this Aevidum Spirit Week is “We are Lucky to Have You”!!  Look for signs as to the dress theme for the day.
Today’s theme  is tie-dye,

Don’t forget your cake parfait money—Parfaits will be available in the Lobby after school on Thursday March 15

Thursday- Heritage day- Wear colors or flags of where you are from.

Friday- Aevidum Day- wear Aevidum wear or yellow and black


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