Musical Mayhem

My experience in TAG! focuses around the on-stage acting aspect, though in my early years I only helped backstage and did makeup. It was the musical Cinderella, in my 8th grade year, that I actually acted on stage as the Dove. From there on I have always been on stage, even if I didn’t have a particularly large role. I have enjoyed participating, even with all the frustrations that may come with it, and it’s a very special experience. In fact, every year carries a different experience. This year in our musical, I play the role of Tessie the orphan. I’ve had the immense honor to work with the future of TAG!, the younger kids, and I’m pleased to see that they will be the ones acting in larger roles in the coming years.

Altogether we all work well—that including the pit and everyone who works behind the scenes—and even though the actors are the ones that are showcased the most, without the others involved in the musical it would be absolutely impossible to carry out a production. In this way, I find us to all be a big family even with all the dynamics. We get annoyed with one another, we work it out, and it makes us all stronger in our performances than ever.

~ Cami Groce

When watching a school musical, people don't always think about the work that goes into making the set and stage come together. The shop and art classes are a big part in designing and putting together the set for showtime. When the shop teacher, Mr. Roush, and his class finish cutting out and assembling parts of the set, he hands them over to Mrs. Kerstetter and her art classes to start painting. As a student in her painting and drawing classes, I have been painting many different pieces of the set. My favorite thing about working on the stage is seeing everything come together in the end. It’s really cool to see all of the work that happens in the background to make a musical come to life.  

~ Hannah Tamanini

For me, as a member of the pit band, I’ve always seen TAG’s musicals a bit like how I would see a piece of music. Every part of it might be unique and amazing on its own, but putting them all together is the only way to make it something singular. Even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant things have to come together to make the whole thing work. It’s truly a fantastic experience to be a part of something that requires this much coordination and cohesion. Though TAG is really just one enormous family, the pit band in itself is its own distinct community, and we spend most of our time together just bonding over how hard everyone works to put a show together. The cast, crew, and everyone else involved in a production has earned my respect just as I have earned theirs. This year will mark my fifth musical, and despite the hectic schedules and incredible stress that comes along with this time of year, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

~ Serina Tressler

Show your support for EJ and everyone involved in the musical by coming out and seeing it this weekend! Showtimes are Friday and Saturday, March 16th and 17th at 7:00pm. You can purchase tickets for $5 at the door. We hope to see you there!

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