Logic Drops Some Fire Singles

Logic Drops Some Fire Singles

By James Baratta

The one and only Bobby Tarantino has returned with 2 new singles as we enter March of 2018. Like all of his music, it doesn’t fall short of calling out society’s imperfections - especially in the rap scene. He also remembers to put out some good vibes in his latest song “Everyday” ft. Marshmello released after “44 More”, a reference to a song from the Bobby Tarantino (2016) album “44 Bars,”. From what it looks like, Logic seems to be starting the year off right and as he prepares fans for the final album he is said to release. It is unclear at this point whether we can expect more singles before this supposed grand finale of his career.

Personally, if I could describe his new releases in one word I’d call them fresh because that’s exactly what they are. Logic never fails to please in all of his music - at least in my opinion - because every time he drops some new fire, it’s with a purpose.

In “44 More” the background vocals of some of his core verses keep the flow going when they repeat “preach,”. When he wants his audience to know the time has come to address something, he’s successful at doing so. In this section, he distinguishes himself from other rappers. He remains focused on reality and clarifies that he’s smart enough to forfeit the Jay-Z style clubbing experience (who racked up a $110,000 bar tab in a single night) for the security of his future children’s education. It’s a comment on society’s toxic materialism similar to that made in his song from the Everybody (2017) album “Killing Spree”.

This is only one of the many dynamic elements of “44 More”. Logic incorporates the style of some of his previous songs. Some of which include the baseline of “44 Bars” with the sporadically graceful beat of “Bounce” and “Under Pressure” while at the same time bringing something new to the table. A lot of artists tend to remain too true to their previous music in style and lyrics, but Bobby stays true enough without going overboard.

He’s truly a machine, especially in “Everyday”. The song seems to flow freely and it produces some feel-good vibes. A couple minutes into the song Logic breaks out of his shell; he transitions with the beat and enters his element. Marshmello really does a great job at perfecting the beat for the song. I’d like to see them do more collaborations in the future, perhaps in his final album we have yet to preview.

Although this section is only for a few seconds, it’s when his flow peaks. Here he talks about how everyone thinks of him but then settles down by expressing that sometimes - regardless of the world’s opinion - he questions himself. It really highlights his down-to-Earth personality and love for all. Unlike most other rappers, Logic remembers where he came from. In songs like “Under Pressure,” and “Gang Related,” from the Under Pressure (Deluxe) (2014) album he touches on this. In almost every song, he demonstrates the progress made as a rapper who grew up with nothing; this is the keystone of his work as an artist. I highly recommend checking out his new singles if you’re looking for a couple swift additions to your playlists, I’ll link them below. From what he’s brought to the table, I’m excited for what’s to follow and I hope you are too.

~ Stay Frosty ~

I’m James Baratta and I’m the editor of the TIDE newspaper at Long Beach High School. I’ve been a part of the club throughout my entire high school career and loved every second of it. Writing is my passion I plan to major in Journalism.

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