Justice League Movie Review

Justice League: Movie Review
By: Vincent Gagliano

 Plenty of fans and people have been waiting for a “Justice League” movie for a while now so they can finally see the big team of superheroes coming together, but now that we have the movie it has come out to be a shock to plenty of the fans and people. Additionally, it seemed to focus more on the villain and the heroes meeting each other that they didn’t show any development in the characters. This has been slightly removed, so they can focus on the villain and the heroes stopping him without taking too much time. But, this has just made it more difficult to follow the characters feelings and their reactions. 

They could have set the story for this in such a different and more understandable way, but instead, they chose to stuff in a lot of the information. For example, they could have first developed the stand-alone movies for each of the members that just shows their origins and them stopping their main villains in a new way, while showing an end credit scene that connects the stand-alone movies with the “Justice League” movie. Then they would be able to focus on the members meeting each other and the main villain without having to stuff so much information about the heroes into the movie. 

Originally, this movie was going to be made based on the director, Zack Snyder’s view of the universe with some help from Joss Whedon, who is the director of two of the “Marvel Avengers” movies, but due to his daughter dying he left the seat for Joss. This, some people complain, is the reason for the movie’s failure. Although, it would help it gain success in that manner, it still would cause it to have so much information shoved into the movie that it would make it a little hard to follow. If they were to begin from making each of the heroes’ stand-alone movies first and maybe slowly showing the “Parademons,” or the Justice League movie’s main villain’s alien army, slowly entering the world in the end credits of each movie, it would help to show more character development and also help the viewer to understand what the characters are going through. 

On the bright side though, for the people that are hoping to see a "Zack Snyder Version of Justice League" movie, the directors and crew are presently colliding the leftover footage that Zack Snyder made with the footage from the original movie, and it most likely will be given out as an extra with the original “Justice League” movie when it comes out on disc. 

Otherwise, the “D.C.E.U,” also known as the Distinguished Competition Comics Extended Universe or the Detective Comics Extended Universe (Don’t confuse it with the Diamond Comics Distributors), is definitely going through a rough start from the unsuccess critically and monetarily for “Batman Versus Superman” and the unsuccess critically for the first super-villain team movie, “Suicide Squad”. Although the movie that began the whole movie franchise, “Man of Steel,” and the first superwoman movie ever made for this franchise, “Wonder Women,” has received better critical reviews and revenue, they still fix a small portion of the mistakes that the franchise made with the other films. This could be difficult, but they can still repair those mistakes, as long as they use the upcoming “Flashpoint” movie to repair everything. 

If they follow the comics correctly, it should basically be about the Flash, the fastest superhero alive in the “D.C.E.U.” and “Justice League,” deciding to use his speed to go back in time to stop his arch-enemy from murdering his mother, as a result, it causes everything to change in the present. Although this doesn’t cause the Flash to lose his powers, it still causes the other heroes to either be captured, have a different persona, or battle with another hero. He soon chooses to return everything back, but when he returns it to normal, there are still some changes that he has to deal with for changing the timeline in the first place.
If they use this movie wisely, they should be able to remove any actors that don’t fit the part or could be improved. This should then mark a great start for the “D.C.E.U.,” as long as they choose the best actors and methods for any future films.

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