The Most Electrifying Man

By: Brayden Eck

From the hard elbows to being named “the people champ”. Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock, is one of the most electrifying sports figures in history. From his overall confidence to his constant bravado. What you may not know is that the Rock wasn’t always on top of the world.

            “The Rock has made many decisions in life that have made him become a man. After being cut from his Canadian football team, the Calgary Stampeders, at 23. The Rock had to move with his parents in Tampa, Florida. His dreams were smashed. Life let him down, but The Rock knew he could rise above it. One day he had the idea. Let’s join the family business. The Rock’s dad definitely thought he was throwing his life away but The Rock told him, your either with it or you’re not. In the end, he supported The Rock’s decision.” Said The Rock.

The rock definitely went through a bad phase in his life and it was very difficult for him as a person but he was able to prevail past his depression.

“The Rock hit a wall. It was hard fighting back but life will throw you down but it’s on yourself as a person to climb out of that hole. No one is going to help you but yourself. “

The rock is beloved by all people. It doesn’t matter how far away.

            “The Rock will always be the people’s champ. Whether it’s from Madison square garden or Los Angeles. The people love The Rock and The Rock loves the people.” Said The Rock.

The rock doesn’t see much different when it comes to improving his game. He believes he is already the of the best in the business.

            ‘The Rock sees himself as he is now. One of the best in the business. No one is as hardworking and dedicated as The Rock is. The Rock will be the greatest wrestler of all time.” Said The Rock.

The Rock has earned respect from all the fans and now almost all the wrestlers. There is always a select few that don’t but, he is beloved by so many.

            “The Rock doesn’t take [crap] from anyone. Blood, sweat, and respect. The first two you give. Last you earn. Give it. Earn it.” Explained The Rock.

There is always that one wrestler that The Rock disliked the most and he didn’t have much to say about him.

“Stone Cold Steve Austin. Plain and simple. Next question.” The Rock stated.

Being one of the hardest workers isn’t easy for most people. It is very easy to lose motivation or to give up. For The Rock, however, it isn’t like that.

            “The rock dedicated himself to the weight room. It is his sanctuary and that is where he is at peace. He enjoys making himself a better, bigger, and healthier person than before.” Said The Rock

The rock is known for having one of the most electrifying moves in sports history. This move is known as the “people’s elbow”. However, that finisher was not a move that he wanted in his career.

            “The Rock actually used it as a prank at first. It was ridiculous looking but it just seemed like him after the Rock’s people [the fans] loved it.” said The Rock.

The rock always has had a habit of talking in third person almost all the time when he talks. Some people wonder if he actually as forgotten that he is The Rock.

            “The Rock doesn’t always talk in the third person but when he does it’s to show the greatness in himself and to project that voice of greatness.” Said The Rock

I decided to have some fun with The Rock and see what he thought about running for president one day later on in life.

“The rock is a wrestler. The chances of him ever becoming anything more than that is impossible. Wrestling it my life. But, running for president wouldn’t be a bad idea since he is the people’s champ.” Said The Rock Without The Rock, we don’t know where would be in the wrestling world. He is truly an icon and inspiration to many. We are truly blessed to have an individual like him.

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