“That ‘70s Show” Critical Review

The sitcom “That ‘70s show” aired its first episode in 1998 and ended in early 2006. This 8-season comedy follows a group of friends (Eric, Donna, Jackie, Kelso, Hyde and Fez) that are on the verge of becoming adults. It takes place in Point Place, Wisconsin, where they crave their independence and go through the hardships of growing up and becoming responsible. I personally enjoyed this show. Ashton Kutcher was one of my favorite cast members, mainly due to the fact that his character portrayed outright stupidity. The show, while hilarious and having had a lot of potential, also had some moments that caused fans worldwide to FLIP.

In 2005, right before the last season, rumors started going around that two of the show’s top actors (Topher Grace who played Eric Foreman and Ashton Kutcher who played Michael Kelso) were leaving the show for good. This caused an outrage of the fans towards the producers. Although we love Jackie, Fez, Donna and Hyde, the show just wouldn’t have been the same without Grace and Kutcher. Others argued that they wanted to stop watching the show because Eric and Donna didn’t go through with getting married. This left fans in shock due to the proposal and how convinced they were that they’d make a great married couple. Not only did this disappoint a lot of people, but it also created a hole in our hearts, being that they were everyone’s favorite couple.

Although this show ended 11 years ago, it’s still worth watching. The comedic aspect that each character brought really livened up the mood. Teens and young adults were the target audience, so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone of that age group that just needs a good laugh.




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