Don't Eat the Marshmallow

Everyone wants to live a successful life. If you ask successful people how they got to where they are, you’ll hear a variety of different stories and advice.  Motivational speaker Joachim de Posada may have cracked the code to living a successful life in the sweetest way possible.

Posada conducted an experiment with the simplest requirements: a child, a marshmallow, and an unsupervised room. The children were told that if they didn’t eat the marshmallow by the time the adult returned, they would receive another one. Results showed that only one third of the kids followed the rules and controlled their appetites.

Posada followed up with the group as they turned eighteen. He discovered that the children who had resisted the urge to eat the marshmallow were much more successful in their studies and personal lives. On the contrary, those who ate the marshmallow were much worse off.

Through this experiment, Posada believes he discovered the truth to success. The ability to delay gratification and not give into tempting indulgences was the trademark factor in successful people. Having the maturity to fight off gratification causes an individual to work harder in order to attain their goal(s).

Posada’s marshmallow theory is intriguing, but if he’s actually onto something, we may want s’more of these experiments.

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