Babe Ruth

            Babe Ruth is considered one of the best, greatest, and all around power house of a ball player. I had the opportunity to sit down with him and ask some questions about the good old game called baseball at Yankee Stadium this past Friday. There have been some questions about the legend that hopefully will get cleared up with this interview. Babe has a lot of secrets and stories many don’t know, like his nickname history.

Even though he’s extremely famous and almost everyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows of him, Babe is not arrogant like some other athletes that have gone pro. When asked how he felt being named the best of all time he gave a very modest response.

“I think there must be a mistake. I’m just an average joe ball player that hit a couple dingers here and there.” Said Ruth.

Despite being known for his phenomenal baseball skills, he’s also known for his countless nicknames. But how did he get some of them? “. . .My major pet peeve is skipping lunch so I’ll just explain the one that started it all. I got my nickname “Babe” basically because I followed the manager around like a lost puppy… the players got jealous of my high up connections so they called me Babe because I was like his woman following him around”  

Babe said. Mr. Ruth may have held out on us about the other nicknames but who could blame him…. it was lunch time. Although he had success in Boston he was later traded to the Yankees which didn’t sit well with Ruth.

Babe Ruth said, “I was the one that got traded! You know the saying about the key to success… well you get rid of the key you get rid of the success.” Ruth may have been traded but clearly it worked out for him based on his stats. I asked him why he thought his stats sky rocketed after the trade.

“Easy, I was playing for the New York Yankees. No I’m just kidding that was a little cocky. I would say the coaches in New York really boosted my confidence by improving my skills. And with that confidence I grew into the player I am now.” Ruth said.

Stepping aside from all the talk about Ruth himself, I asked the pro about his thoughts about the talent that will come the baseball world. Or I tried to step away. “I think American Baseball fans are in for a real treat for the rest of time… There’s always that incredible outfielder, like me. And that one player that hits a bunch of homers, like me. Man the baseball world really lost a great player.”

Although this godlike man has hit tons of homeruns none of them were quite like his first homerun memory. “HOW CAN I FORGET?! It was the greatest moment I have ever experienced. I was in the back playing a pick-up game of baseball when the pitcher threw a meatball right down the plate. I whammed that thing and took my glory trot around the bases.”

In Ruth’s mind the Red Sox put the curse on themselves when they traded him. Nobody knows exactly why the Red Sox have yet to win a World Series. Outside of being a baseball icon Babe Ruth is quite the party animal with all his drinking. But he wasn’t always like that, you might not know but Ruth grew up with monks when he was an orphan.

“It was very strict and it was like living in containment… If I wasn’t signed to the Orioles I’d be a shirt maker right here because that was what I was training for the whole time I was there. And there wasn’t any alcohol in that place which now I couldn’t live without.” Said Ruth.


Despite learning how to put curses on other baseball team, baseball has helped Babe off the field.

 “… one thing I’ve learned was that a little bit of confidence goes a long way. So I make sure to have confidence every day to be successful.” Ruth said. Unfortunately, The Great Bambino’s reign has come to an end but we wish him the best of luck in the future.

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