Jackie Robinson: The New MVP

By: Lewis Weaver


            When Jackie Robinson’s name comes into a conversation, everyone starts to think about the things he has done for the game of baseball. Even though he faced a lot of adversity when coming into the MLB he worked through it and had a lot of success.

            “I proved myself in the league and I think the game of baseball is making great strides by having an African American MVP,” said Robinson.

            Despite having an amazing season, Jackie struggled at points, especially during the beginning of the season.

            “It just took me a few games to get back into the swing of things. But I made a few adjustments like shortening up my swing so I can make better contact,” said Robinson.

            As Jackie’s season progressed, he made his way through the struggles and started to find his success, going on hitting streaks and raising his batting average.

            “I was feeling great at the plate during each of those streaks. I had 21 hits during my longest streak which was 11 games long… I felt great and had a ton of confidence every time I stepped into the box,” said Robinson.

            In, his past two seasons, Jackie had hit 12 home runs in each season and this year he surpassed that number by hitting 16. He not only hit that milestone this season, but also set other personal records in this historic season. He did not think this season was a fluke.

            “This season definitely was not a fluke. I am expecting myself to hit at least 15 home runs each year for the rest of my career,” said Robinson.

            Along with setting personal records, Jackie made it to his first career All-Star game, and it was at his home stadium in Brooklyn.

            “It was pretty cool playing at Ebbets for my first All Star game. It was nice to have an accepting crowd and people who respected all of us on the field,” said Robinson.

            With having a career season and winning MVP, Jackie set a new standard for himself.

            “I’m hoping to have many seasons like this in the near future. I have high expectations for myself … I can see myself winning at least one more MVP,” said Robinson.

            Despite facing discrimination and verbal abuse, he persevered and was able to reach high levels of success.

            “I thought I was very appreciative when I was given the opportunity to play in the MLB, but winning Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player, I can’t believe it…  I think by accomplishing those first, the MLB and the whole world is trying to make a difference and stop discrimination.” Robinson said.

            Jackie reverted back to his old self from the beginning of the season during this year’s World Series against the Yankees.

            “In 1947, the Yankees’ pitching staff was not near as good as they were last year… Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi, and Joe Page… have more experience for this season which pushed them over the edge to help them succeed this year. If I was not in a slump during the World Series I think the outcome would have been different,” said Robinson.

            Is this going to be the new Jackie Robinson that we see for years to come? Can and should we expect the highly accomplished athlete to win another one of the prestigious awards? We will have to wait for the next season to find out.


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