Marvel Mania: An Abundance of Action

2018 has been a highly anticipated year for Marvel fans everywhere. With new additions to the franchises of Deadpool, Avengers, and Ant Man, as well as new movies such as Venom and Black Panther, box offices are likely to be bombarded opening weekends with excited movie-goers. For those wanting to know a little bit more about the Marvel movies coming out this year, read previews below.

Set to come out the weekend of Feb. 15, Black Panther is an introduction to the superhero by the same name who was featured in Captain America: Civil War in his first Marvel movie debut. Played by Chadwick Boseman [42, Get On Up], the king of the African nation Wakanda must learn the responsibilities of his new role in royalty and protect not only his kingdom, but the rest of the world in this soon-to-be blockbuster. This movie is said to blend culture, technology, and politics unlike any superhero movie before.

The third installment of the Avengers franchise is set to come out in June of this year. Much has changed since the last Avengers movie, with Black Widow [Scarlett Johansson] now rumored to be a blond in this movie, along with Thor [Chris Hemsworth] now having short hair and only one eye to speak of. The trailer also features appearances from other heroes outside of the Avengers circle, including Spider-Man [Tom Holland], Doctor Strange [Benedict Cumberbatch], and other Marvel favorites.

This sequel to the 2015 movie Ant Man will follow Avengers: Infinity War, coming out the weekend of July 6. In this new installment, Ant Man [Paul Rudd] teams up with the Wasp [Evangeline Lilly]. Favorites from the previous movie like Hank Pym [Michael Douglas] and Luis [Michael Pena] will also be returning to the series. This movie picks up right where Marvel fans last saw Ant Man in Captain America: Civil War.

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