On February 4th the New England patriots took on the Philadelphia Eagles for the opportunity to gain their 6th Super Bowl Championship.

This was the opportunity for the Patriots to win back to back Super Bowls, Only 6 other teams have done this in the history of the NFL. Whereas the eagles are on the short list of NFL teams who have never won a superbowl, They have appeared in the game only twice losing both times.

The eagles are came off a very impressive win over the minnesota vikings, beating them 38-7. The eagles were without their breakout quarterback, Carson Wentz. Wentz was an MVP candidate before he went with a season ending knee injury.

In the end the Eagles came out victorious beating the Patriots 41-33. The Patriots almost came back in the second half but the Eagles stayed strong. Quarterback, Nick Foles played a great game for the Eagles. Foles became the first player to throw and catch a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. This game concludes the 2017-2018 NFL season and brings in the excitement of a brand new season. 


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