Book Review: Such a Pretty Girl

 Such a Pretty by Girl Laura Wiess is a fiction novel. I found this book from a friend, they had said it pulls you in and doesn't let you stop reading it until you are done. The title is what really caught my eye, it made me think about what the book was about before even reading the first page which made me think of a whole different story, so when I actually got to reading it, it surprised me. The cover made me curious, because it looks old and worn out, along with the rose on the cover, which is dried up and shriveled.

 With my understanding this book takes place in a more present era, with the way they talk and act, the family lives in Estertown , New Jersey which is a fictional town, and the time span is about 4 days, from her dad coming home to the end of the story. The family lives in a condo complex, with many neighbors.

 The main character is Meredith Shale, but her dad calls her Chirp. Her main friend and also her boyfriend is Andy , Meus who was also abused by Meredith's dad, one of Meredith's helpers is Nigel who is also her neighbor and the officer that arrested Charles Shale, another helper of Meredith is Leah Louisa her grandmother and the mayor. Someone that challenges Meredith is her dad, Charles Shale, he molested and abused her along with other girls and boys her age. When i imagine Meredith, I imagine her overalls which was a big part of her look, she basically wore them for the whole book, a random baggy shirt, working books, and a beanie to cover her unwashed hair.

 In the beginning Charles Shale is getting out of jail, 6 years early. During the middle of the story Andy goes to Iowa to meet the victim's soul, leaving Meredith alone to deal with her father and mother. At the end Charles and Sharon Shale both get into a dilemma causing Meredith's whole life to change.

 I would definitely recommend this book to really anyone, this has a great story line and it is very suspenseful and pulls you in. It's very deep dark and painfully real. This story is a very important one to tell, mainly because not everyone knows how realistic this is, and how often it happens, spreading awareness through books is a great impact.

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