Heart Month by Treonna Goodling and Leah Colyer

     As February approaches, it normally makes people think of Valentine’s Day. To go along with that, February is American Heart Month. It is a great time to raise awareness for heart disease and recognize the risks. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women. About 103 million adults in the U.S. have high blood pressure. Even small lifestyle changes can lead to a long life with a healthy heart. By doing this and changing your diet, you can lower your risk up to 80 percent. It is very important to recognize the risks because around 2,200 people die in our country from cardiovascular disease every day. That averages out to be about one person every 40 seconds. Choose healthier alternatives today!

     The Health and Wellness Club wants to spread awareness of heart health and right now seemed like a great time to do so, considering it is American Heart  Month. We created a poster for the door outside of Mrs. Graybill’s room. The poster is covered in heart healthy tips and facts to show people the importance of taking care of your body. We hope that it will catch the students’ eyes and encourage them to take steps into bettering themselves for their current and future health. We also held a sale to sell heart balloons for Valentine's Day. This sale helped to spread the word of our club and show that we’re working to make a difference in our school. It gets the students at EJ involved and the money made is being donated to the American Heart Association. I really hope people understand the importance of keeping their hearts healthy, and if they don't, I'm glad to be a part of making sure they do. I think others should get involved with this club and help us on our journey to supporting the American Heart Association. 

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