SHS Environmental Club supports Puerto Rico through fundraisers and donation drives

The SHS Environmental Club will be hosting a Wendy’s fundraiser on Thursday, January 18, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. The funds will help families in Puerto Rico suffering from the devastating hurricane that ravaged the country this fall.

Ms. Maria San Martin, an SHS staff member, has family members who were directly affected by the hurricane. Her family members live in a small town inArecibo Puerto Rico, and they are in dire need of aid.

Ms. Nadeen Edwards, the SHS Environmental Club adviser, is helping organize a donation drive for San Martin’s community.

The Environmental Club will be organizing a donation drive starting on January 21st and running through the end of the month. The have created a friendly competition between among the homerooms. They will be accepting items ranging from baby formula to canned food. The homeroom that collects the most items will be awarded a breakfast feast.

Support Puerto Rico by participating in the Wendy’s fundraiser and the Puerto Rico donation drive!

List of donation items needed

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