PMEA District Four Chorus Festival

Students at East Juniata High School will be traveling to Bald Eagle Area to attend PMEA District Four Chorus Festival. These students have been preparing their music for a few months now, rehearsing with band and chorus director, Kevin Milliken. Select students were chosen based off of ability, vocal part, and reliability. The students will be leaving Thursday and having rehearsals until their concert Saturday. Following rehearsals, there will be auditions for the students attending the festival to try out for Regional Chorus. The top ten of the vocal part will advance on. 

The students attending are Emilie Gerig, Sam Karper, Sarah Irvin, Clay Leitzel, Nick Pillot, Margaret Edwards, Kylie Elsasser, Emma Seaman, Robert Ferry, and Paige Smith. They will be conducted by a guest conductor that has chosen their music for them. The music varies from traditional songs to upbeat folk tunes. For certain music they will be split into two groups, the men singing in one group, and the ladies in the other. Wish our East Juniata Students good luck as they travel to Bald Eagle!

By: Emma Seaman

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