Four South Students Allegedly Caught for Egging Other Student’s Cars

Saturday, Jan. 13, four South students were caught on video allegedly egging another student’s car. The egging assaults on South students’ cars began as far back as Aug.19 and several other South students were affected by this assault the following months.

A parent of one of the victims of the egging assaults spoke out in a Facebook post that stated: “What’s so disappointing is that these are South kids, classmates, and teammates.”

Each night that the assaults have occurred, multiple South students were affected. From the assaults, some students have reported that their paint has been chipped off from it and others have had their windows cracked.

Police have asked those who have been affected by these assaults to report them on the non-emergency line: 503-588-6123 and the Salem Police Case number is 18-1702.

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