EJHS Spanish IV/V

East Juniata is an exceptionally small school. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise when you see some of the particularly tiny classes that are held in some of the classrooms of the establishment. Take, for example, the Spanish IV/V combined class. A number of people stop taking Spanish after year two, as they only need two foreign language credits. However, there are those who decide that speaking another language is a great skill to have in life. One of those people being myself. The Spanish IV/V class was not actually held in the 2016-2017 school year because there were no kids taking Spanish V. Instead, it was replaced with a Spanish III/V combination course. After the class prior to mine, Spanish V will no longer be a class. This is because Spanish I is no longer a course available to eighth grade students. This is a bit saddening, in my opinion. In our Spanish IV/V class we have a lot of fun. There are only four of us that have the class in a regularly scheduled class period, due to one of our participants taking it as an independent study hall during her study hall. So, we have quite a small class. Señora has been teaching the entirety of our class since eighth grade, so she knows a lot about us, as do we her. I underestimated her when she told us that our combined class would become like a little family, but she was definitely right. Being in a class that small allows us to get to know each other easily and we often have class conversations about things that do not necessarily concern the Spanish language. In the hallways of East Juniata High School, in room 121, second period, our little class is held and I would have to say that it is perhaps my favorite class of the day.

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