Saxons Basketball vs. McKay Preview

The Saxons boys and girls basketball teams are playing the McKay Royal Scots to improve their record in the mid season to get the extra spot up on the OSAA State rankings. Both the boys are coming off a bye for Tuesday night but are ready to take on the Scots for the first time this season.

The boys basketball is standing at a record of 6-6 and are ranked 25 in the state according to OSAA and the Scots boys team has a record of 7-6 and is ranked 27. This is looking to be a close game because of their closeness in rankings and also their record are almost the exact same just with McKay having the extra win on their belt. The Saxons are looking to get out of their losing streak of two games with a win tonight.

The girls team has a record of 6-7 and are currently ranked 22 in the state. On the other hand, the Scots girls team is having a disappointing season as they are ranked last in the state ranking 51 with a 0-13 record. The Saxons are hoping to keep their streak alive which sits at two to keep getting wins to help their case to get into the state playoffs and improve their record to 7-7.

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