East Juniata 5K

The members of the East Juniata National Honor Society planned and prepared to have a 5k on November 4. The money that was raised from the 5k would go towards the victims down in Puerto Rico, who were hit by the hurricanes in the previous months. THe Lions Den in McAlisterville helped them arrange the 5k and provided helpful tips. The members called different businesses to get donations. This was their first 5k that they held and it turned out good. They raised a total of $445, and a total of 12 people entered to run the 5k. Some of the members from National Honor Society showed up to help out. There were members at the registration table, and a couple of members were there with a safety kit, in case someone got injured. The rest of the members that showed up were sent to stand at the turns on the course, that way the participants knew where they were running. The 5k starting and finishing lines were at the Lions Den. Before the race had started, the runners put a tag in a cup if they wanted to be entered for a chance to win the big prize. 

Majority of the participants have ran 5k’s before. But there was one participant who surprised the members the most. There was a seven year old girl who entered to run the race. The first runner to finish had a time of just over 21 minutes. The last runners to finish had a time around 33 minutes. All the times were recorded as the runners crossed the finish line. After all the participants finished the race, gifts were handed out to the top males and females out of the groups. The groups included: overall top male and female, top male and female of the ages 18 and under, top male and female of the ages 30+, and then each of the younger participants got a gift card. Then, a tag was drawn at the very end for the big prize. The big prize contained different types of pasta, jars of pasta sauce, a pasta fork, and a colander. After the final prize was handed out, everybody was allowed to go home. 

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