Winter Wonderland

This year a friend and I worked together at Winter Wonderland in our “Snowball Toss” station. We had absolute loads of fun doing it. We gave out lots of candy and had lots of laughs. Quite honestly, I had a pretty good time despite having to wake up early, those who know me are well aware that I don’t do that except for school.  We got the chance to interact with many different kids. I even had the opportunity to suit up into the Santa gear! 

At my very first year at Winter Wonderland, I got to work with my friend, Kay, at a booth. The day went well, better than I expected with the start we had. Neither of us had seen the other, and so while I was waiting outside for Kay to show up, Kay was waiting inside for me to come in. After getting over the awkwardness, we sat by our booth. Kids came by to toss the ball, and we gave the candy. In fact, it was truly surprising to see the arm that some of those kids had. Kay and I nearly had to take cover a couple of times! Despite me not being a morning person, I had a great time at Winter Wonderland.

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