East Juniata Christmas Door Decorating by: Gracie Brubaker and Megan Elsasser

        This year at East Juniata High School the winner of the Christmas Door Decorating Contest is...Mr. Roush! For two years now East Juniata has been holding a Christmas Door Decorating Contest. Each homeroom has to decorate their door with a Christmas theme. This is a chance for students and teachers to be creative. Walking up and down the hallways of East Juniata truly makes it feel like Christmas. Some doors relate with the certain subject the teacher teaches, which makes the doors unique. The contest this year started on , and ended on Monday, December 18.

        Mr. Roush, the shop teacher, placed for his second year in a row. Last year he lost to Mrs. Croissette. He decorated the shop door and his classroom door. Both doors are covered in metallic wrapping paper. His last name was lit up above the shop door. The classroom door is simple, but the stuff around it makes it pop compared to other doors. He hung lights up on the ceiling and there is a giant nutcracker standing outside. His prize for first place was a pizza party. The Christmas Door Decorating Contest is something students at East Juniata look forward to every year.

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