25 Things to do This Winter Break

  1. Go to Zoo Lights

  2. Make a gingerbread house

  3. Volunteer at a homeless family shelter

  4. Volunteer for the Salvation Army (ringing bells)

  5. Go see nativity play

  6. Have a holiday movie marathon

  7. Have a Holiday party

  8. Do secret santa

  9. Make cookies!

  10. DIY gifts

  11. Decorate your house with christmas lights

  12. Put on a santa hat

  13. Learn a christmas song on the piano

  14. Have a snowball fight

  15. Go sledding

  16. Go to the mountains

  17. Research other religious/non-religious holidays that occur around the same time as christmas

  18. Cut down your own tree

  19. Decorate your tree

  20. Make dinner for a family in need

  21. Donate to the animal shelter

  22. Bring a pet home for christmas

  23. Buy christmas pajamas

  24. Make hot chocolate

  25. Sing carols!

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