Skam is a popular teen tv show based in Norway, also in the Norwegian language it is not as well known here, but in Europe it is one of the most popular shows among teens. It is based in Oslo and follows as friends from all different friend groups that attend the same high school go through realistic obstacles that many teens face (relationships, mental health, sexuality, etc.)

Skam has won countless awards, and earned a huge fan base all over the world. The 4 season tv show focuses on one character every season (Eva, Noora, Isak, and Sana) each facing an obstacle such as sexuality or religion.

Skam is not just an average teen show, the characters have social media accounts where they stay in character through posts and comments.

Since watching Skam, I’ve found a huge and awesome fanbase and have related to characters more than any American tv show I’ve watched. Along with that, I’ve seen a glimpse of Norwegian culture that I wouldn’t have had access to without!

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