Legit Food Reviews Episode 5: Philly Steaks

Distance From Stroudsburg High School By Foot: 0.6 Miles (12 Minutes)

Rating: 4.4 cheese steaks out of 5

Review: My compatriot Michael was not present during this review. I arrived to the building around 7 PM on a weeknight. I sat at a hightop table, where we were greeted by friendly servers. I ordered a cheese steak and lemonade (sorry, no pizza this time) and got the food pretty quick. I really enjoyed the cheese steak and lemonade. The cheese steak was correctly cooked and made, while the lemonade quenched my thirst real well. My only complaint about the place was the atmosphere was somewhat bland, with lots of empty spaces on the walls. I would recommend this place if you're in the mood for general food or a slice of Philadelphia in town. 

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