Knowing Someone With Cancer: A Personal Perspective

Cancer. People sometimes think that the day will never come that one of their own will have to face the same struggle that other people are facing today. Some people can catch it early on before it can cause any damage, but that is not always the case.

People can have an illnesses without showing any noticeable symptoms or are unaware of the signs that can potentially be related to something like cancer until it is too late. It can hit people like a ton of bricks and it will leave people wondering, why does this have to happen someone or to someone in their family?

That is what it was like for me when my grandfather passed away from throat cancer four years ago. I never talked to my friends about it because it was too sad and it was easier to keep it to myself, but it was hard to deal with because I did not know how to cope with it.

Cancer not only affects the person who has it, but friends, family, and anyone who was ever impacted by that person. It is sometimes the whole community that it affects, but rarely does one ever talk about it. Illnesses is kind of the unspoken forbidden topic that many people tend to avoid.

It is part of life that not many people like to discuss because it is too painful or that there is no one to turn to or it is just easier to keep it bottled up inside. In today’s society there seems to be a need to keep the serious aspects of life under wraps while maintaining a facade of happiness or indifference.

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