Trout in the Classroom Episode 2 "Brook Trout Eggs Arrive!

On October 31st a large white box labeled "Rush! Perishable, Live Fish!" arrived in our main office. We ran downstairs to grab our brook trout eggs and begin the process of acclimating them to our trout tank.

The water was a chilly 52 degrees, the perfect environment to raise the 626 live trout eggs and sac frys that we received. We were lucky to only have 30 dead eggs in our shipment. 

Have you ever wondered where the eggs come from? Well, we received our shipment from Benner Springs Hatchery located in State College, PA. The eggs are harvested and fertilized by employees of the Fish and Boat Commission and are then shipped to all PA schools that participate in the Trout in the Classroom Program. 

Check out our video showing how the eggs are harvested and fertilized!

I am the English Department Chair and English 12 Instructor.

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