PA Renaissance Faire

On October 4th, AP English took a field trip to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. It was a great experience. We were immersed into a replica 1518 England. King Henry VIII was in rule and his wife, the Queen, was Catherine of Aragon. There were many contrasting features between the way we composed ourselves and the way they did. The language that they used differs immensely from the way we speak. Their language was far more proper and they addressed most everyone with respect, unless it was part of the show. They wore different clothes, greeted people differently, and had different customs. While at the Renaissance Faire, I spent the majority of the day with Ben and Riley and we had a lot of fun. We made fun of each other frequently and kind of just followed each other around as if we were lost puppies. I didn't buy anything, because I did not want to spend too much money on something I would probably never have a use for. Despite being kind of lost half of the time, I had so much fun and I cannot wait for next year!

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