Tigers on the Hunt

After a 17-2-1 regular season and a Tri Valley League championship win, the East Juniata Girls Soccer team moved on to their first district game on Saturday, October 28th. The tigers faced South Williamsport who had a record of 10 wins and 6 losses, along with 2 ties.

    The game started off, and from the jump South Williamsport came out aggressive putting two marks on Hailey Swartz. The start of the game was rather slow until sophomore Thea Neimond scored the first goal of the game, lighting a fire in the Tiger’s offense who kept testing South Williamsport’s goal keeper. However, the score at halftime remained 1-0.

    Early into the second half, with 33 minutes left in the game, Neimond scored another goal making the fans roar with excitement. By this time, the Lady Mountaineers must have had enough, because directly following Neimond’s goal, one of South Williamsport’s forwards scored on Tiger’s goalkeeper, Lily Sankey. This didn’t get the Tigers down though, EJ was quick to respond, and Swartz added a goal of her own to the list. From here on out, the Lady Tigers maintained possession and scored two more goals before the game was over.

    The final score of the game was 5-1 with Thea Neimond finishing with a hat trick and Swartz with the other two goals. South Williamsport is now eliminated from District 4, and the Tigers will move on to play Sullivan County at Danville on Halloween night. Come out to support the girls as they try and move towards a district title!

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