Salem Cinema Upgrades to Digital

On Oct. 3, Salem Cinema ended the kickstarter program they had started on Aug. 5 to fund an upgrade to digital projection equipment, as required by the film industry. Salem Cinema’s original goal was to reach $97,560. By Oct. 3, Salem Cinema had surpassed their goal and fundraised a total of $120, 591.

Salem Cinema, an independent theater, had previously used 35 millimeter film projection. 35 millimeter had been the standard film gauge until 2005, when theaters began to transition to digital projection. The cost for Salem Cinema to upgrade to three digital projectors was more than $150,000. Several months ago, Salem Cinema took out a loan in order to pay for the projectors but were only able to pay off one of the three. The original goal set for Salem Cinema’s kickstarter was calculated from the cost of the other two projectors.

“It was a great way to keep the theatre alive through community support, because it’s been around for a long time and it’s important to a lot of people who have been coming to it for years.” Madeline King ’19 said.

Salem Cinema has been in business for nearly 35 years, and are a “community resource for exceptional art, foreign and independent film,” according to their website. As well as regular showings, Salem Cinema also offers programs such as their “Reel Change for Our Community” in which the cinema hosts a fundraising event for a local, non-profit organization.

Salem Cinema offers a variety of films showing seven days a week, with general admission prices set at $9, and $8 for students with present I.D.

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