DIY it this Halloween!

With Halloween approaching, the pressure to find a good costume is on. The treat of costume parties can often become tricky when  attempting to maintain a budget while finding fun attire for the event. In order to avoid the stress of trying to save money, the Clypian has compiled a list of DIY costumes that can easily be created at home.

“For one Halloween, I made my own cat costume,” said Sophia Lee ‘18. “I dressed in black and used black fabric to make cat ears.”

As many of South’s seniors learned earlier month, creating a toga is an easy solution for making a cheap costume. To create such a costume, a bed sheet or some type of fabric is needed. Going classic white will give the toga a more standard look, whereas picking a fabric with print or designs on it provides a fun twist. The stability of the toga can be improved by simply tying it with a chord or pinning it with safety pins will help ensure its security.

For super-hero fans, this next PowerPuff Girls inspired costume might be one of the easiest costumes on this list to create. All one needs to create this costume is an oversized t-shirt colored green, pink, or blue (depending on what PowerPuff Girl one wishes to be) and thick black tape or ribbon. Simply placing the tape or ribbon around the midsection of the dress provides a resemblance to the PowerPuff Girl dresses that fans recognize immediately. Styling one’s hair to resemble the specific PowerPuff Girl is a great detail to add to this costume.

“I would consider dressing up like a PowerPuff Girl for Halloween,” said Kendra Evans ‘18.

Lego lovers out there will rejoice over this next costume! Especially if they have ever had any dream of being a human-sized lego themselves. This costume will require a box large enough to cover one’s neck down to the torso, a black marker, red paint, and an exacto knife. First, a hole can be cut out at the top of the box for the head. Next the box can be decorated and painted to resemble a lego.

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