East Juniata Art Class Paints A Plow

Shown in the picture from left to right: Alyssa Hibbs, Hannah Tamanini, Morgan Dressler, Natisha Strawser, Molly Peters, Brooke Erney, and Mikayla Reed

For the first time, East Juniata High School's painting class competed in PennDot's "Paint the Plow" contest.  This competition was formed to promote awareness of driver safety, especially in the winter season. This year's slogan was "Ice and Snow, Take it Slow."  Students were allowed to come up with any kind of design. 

The painting class, with the help of the art teacher, Mrs. Kerstetter, came up with a design based around EJ's mascot, the tiger. The plow was delivered for painting in the beginning of October and took a couple weeks to complete. The painting classes put a lot of hard work into it every day along with their regular art projects. The tiger head was designed and painted by an art student, Alyssa Hibbs. She spent many study halls to put extra work into the plow. On October 18th, PennDot retrieved the plow so it could be taken for judging. 

Even though these plows are being painted, they will still be in use during the snowy season. Each plow painted by a specific school will be used in that district. So it's quite possible that you could see EJ's plow driving through your neighborhood. 

You can also go and support EJ's painting class by voting for our plow in the "Fan Favorites" part of the competition. It's easy. All you have to do is follow the link to PennDot's Facebook account and Like EJ's plow. So go out and show your support today! 

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