Homecoming Dance 2017!

A night was to be remembered for many on October 7th, 2017. Many laughs were had and many memories were created, for the event was the Homecoming Dance for Stroudsburg students and alumni! It was an insane, wild experience for many, including myself, and I had taken some pictures and video of the time that was spent there. Many students danced the night away, while others just talked and had a fun night with their groups and friends. To top it all off for many: The Homecoming Queen, Leiyla O' Dowd, was announced near the tail-end of the dance! Congratulations to her on achieving the status of Homecoming Queen, and for those who showed up to the dance, thanks for joining us this year!

Greetings and salutations! My name is Gabriel Howard, and I am a senior in Stroudsburg High School. I’m probably the most extravagant and outgoing person you will ever meet, and I am SUPER excited to be apart Fusfoo! I am a writer at heart, so I hope to bring in stories that could really entertain or inform you! :)

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