Dear Evan Hansen: The Broadway Soundtrack

Dear Evan Hansen’s original Broadway cast recording is in my opinion an amazing piece of work. Each track has a different meaning that tie the show together without actually watching the musical. The first track is called “Anybody Have a Map?” and this where most of the characters are introduced. Evan Hansen is a senior in high school, who struggles with anxiety. Heidi is Evan’s single mother who works at a hospital and is never really home due to work. The Murphy’s are also introduced, parents being Larry and Cynthia, and their children Connor, a senior, and Zoe, a junior. Later on, Jared Kleinman, Evan’s “family friend”, and Alana Beck, a classmate, are introduced. DEH is a musical that has the ability to speak out to those who suffer from mental illnesses and who aren’t aware of the struggles of those who have them. Before I go on (and this is not a spoiler), Connor Murphy commits suicide in the beginning of the show. “Requiem,” the third track is what gives you an insight of the Murphy family after Connor died. But throughout the show Connor’s “spirit” follows Evan and the Murphy’s believe that Connor and Evan were friends and Evan keeps building lies upon this fake friendship. But with this Evan becomes internet famous on his speech about not being alone in the track “You Will be Found. But overall the DEH original Broadway soundtrack is a good representation of mental illness and the score is outstanding.

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