Breaking Bad: A Review in Retrospect

Breaking Bad Critical Review

by Chris Mills


The 62 hour long show, Breaking Bad, is filled with drugs, violence, cancer, and everything else that your parents didn’t want you to see as a kid. The beginnings of most episodes start off with a quick flash-forward to events that are bound to happen, leaving the audience struck curiously wondering what could possibly lead up to it. Following a potentially fatal lung cancer diagnosis, Walter White, a 50 year old family man and high school chemistry teacher, is thrown into a whirlwind of greed throughout the 8 seasons of the show. After watching a segment on the drug war in New Mexico, Walter saw how much money the dealers made.  With that, Walter decides that making crystal methamphetamine is the only way to make enough money to support his family after he kicks the bucket. After re-linking with a past student, Jesse Pinkman, Walter gets known in the meth making business as “Heisenberg,” a.k.a the best meth-man there is. He is then able to reach to a seemingly harmless success along with his partner, Pinkman. The amount of detail in Breaking Bad is better than any show of its time. Everything is spot on, from the way the sets appear to the method they use to making the meth. The show even uses the slang and clothing style of the time. Breaking Bad is the undisputed best show of its day.

Image courtesy AMC television

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