Commonly Misused Phrases

With all the phrases we use in our daily lives, there are bound to be some mistakes that we don’t catch. These could be some phrases we rarely use, or use daily. No matter how you use them, there are some common phrases we still use that are grammatically wrong. With that being said, here are a few phrases that we don’t use correctly.

Misused Phrase – First come- First Serve

Correct Use – First come-First Served

Believe it or not, this phrase is incorrect. This phrase implies that the first participants to arrive shall be serve before the ones who arrive later.

Misused Phrase – Could care less

Correct Use - Couldn’t care less

We don’t notice this, but using could would be saying that you actually do care. If you use couldn’t, this implies the lack of care that the people who use this phrase are looking for.

Misused Phrase – Peaked my interest

Correct Use – Piqued my interest

Pique means to arouse or catch attention of, which means that this phrase is incorrect. Peaked makes little sense in this phrase.

Misused Phrase – Case and Point

Correct Use – Case in point

This phrase is derived from old French dialect. That is what makes this phrase wrong. It doesn't make much sense now, but this phrase is incorrect. Source -

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