My Reverse Bucket List: Ten Things to Never do Before You Die

There are many thing I love to do. There are also many places I love to visit. However, things such as travelling from one planet to another may SOUND cool, but I think we can all agree that it would be terrifying. No matter how tempting nearly killing yourself by jumping out of a plane is, its just not that smart. But hey, if you want to do that, be my guest. That said, here is my giant list of things I would absolutely NEVER do. Welcome to my reverse, or UN bucket list.  


  1. 1, Deprivation chamber. There is something about the feeling of being closed into a small space and not being able to escape. But hey, maybe it's just a claustrophobia thing.  

  1. 2. Get a tattoo on my face. Props to those of you who can pull off a tattoo on your forehead, but I would never be able to look good with permanent text on my cheek.  

  1. 3. Be a morning person. You see, I like being awake early and being proactive, I just hate getting up early.  

  1. 4. Walk in high heels for more than twenty minutes. No matter how "Beautiful your calves look!",  I am not risking the life of my ankle to seem pretty.  

  1. 5. Eat at Arby's by choice. Sorry. I just will not do it.  

  1. 6. Live without Wi-Fi. No matter how hard you may think that you could, "Be one with the Earth and land," it's not happening without the use of technology.  

  1. 7. Go skydiving: Yeah, because falling hundreds of miles per hour towards the ground sounds like a GREAT idea.  

  1. 8. Own more than one pet at a time: I can't even take care of myself, what makes everyone think I can take care of something else? 

  1. 9. Give birth: I am not closed minded about having kids, I just don’t want to give birth to one. Sorry, future husband.  

  1. 10. Go Cliff Camping: There is just something about the possibility of waking up, and being is the midst of falling to your death.  





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