My Vacation

The Time I Went On A Cruise

This summer I recently went out on a cruise. We went to Florida first for a few days, but then boarded in Key West. Florida was a lot of fun especially because I had family with me. The cruise was a lot of fun and there was a lot of things to do including games, shows, places to shop, and much more. 

When we went on the cruise we went to Puerto Rico, St.Thomas, Grand Turk, and Half Moon Cay. Half moon Cay was the ship's private island, and it was my favorite. It was my favorite because the sand was soft and the water was extremely clear. Puerto Rico wasn't my favorite because we didn't really know our way around the island. It was really big, and it was very hard to navigate because there were bad parts of Puerto Rico. At Half Moon Cay, my sister and I rode horses in the water and it was very cool.

All the islands were extremely nice and calming. I'm hoping to go back to them again because I know my way around. I was very fortunate to have this opportunity and will never take it back. It was nice seeing most of my family and the scenery  around me. If you get the chance, go on a cruise.

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