Diné Students Showcase their Talents and Culture at the 2017-2018 Mr. Diné Warrior and Miss Tse'Yi'Gai Pageant

The annual TséYíGai High School Prince and Princess pageant was held in May 2017. Students were able to showcase their modern and traditional talents and language throughout the pageant. Four young Diné ladies ran for the Miss TséYíGai title and one brave young Diné gentleman ran for the Mr. Diné Warrior title. The contestants represented the 9th -11th grade classes. All contestants did extremely well in the pageant. Freshman contestant Onshai Becenti recited a poem she had written for her grandmother for her modern talent. She sang a Diné Morning Blessing song for her traditional talent. Junior Shania Barney also sang a medley of NAC songs for her traditional talent. Sophomore Tyra Thomas performed public speaking skills for her modern talent and she sang a traditional Diné song for her traditional talent. Freshman contestant Gerrett sam performed an Native American dance for his traditional talent. It was a very competitive contest between the young ladies. In the end, the winner of the 2017-2018 Miss TséYíGai title and crown was sophomore, Tyra Thomas. Gerrett Sam, the lone male contestant, won the Mr. Diné Warrior Title. Outgoing Mr. Diné Warrior, Gerrell Sam, and Miss TséYíGai, Rosalee Sala, gave encouraging farewell addresses to their fellow classmates and parents. They did an excellent job representing our school, staff, students and parents. We look forward to great representation from Tyra and Gerrett as well!

Ms. Sandoval holds a M.A. Degree in special education. She teaches special education at Tse'Yi'Gai High School in Pueblo Pintado, NM. Ms. Sandoval also coaches volleyball and track and field. She is also a volunteer firefighter and EMR with McKinley County Fire and EMS District 20. 

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