Tse'Yi'Gai High School Butchering

As part of culture week,  TséYíGai high school held a Butchering and Feast Day on May 23, 2017. The school purchased a sheep from a local trading company and hauled it back to school. The students and staff gathered outside the school hogan and fire pit. Two local community members volunteered to butcher the sheep. The students gathered around the butcherers and sheep to catch a glimpse at how the butchering process is done. Others stayed back because they were nervous on seeing the sheep butchered. The bus drivers started the fire in the fire pit to heat up the grill used for grilling the meat from the sheep. The students watched the butchering from start to finish. Staff members and students then began preparing the meat of the sheep to grill. Some students enjoyed helping with the whole process. The bus drivers tended to the grill. After the butchering was complete and the meat cooked, the students were invited to feast on the meat they helped prepare. There was roasted mutton, stew and fresh tortillas and frybread for everyone. Butchering day was a great learning experience for everyone! 

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