New Finals Schedule Created for Second Semester

The week of June 12-16 is finals week for South students, and many have noticed a change in their usual finals week schedules. Unlike past years where finals have been spread out over three days, this year’s finals will take place over the course of a whole week.

“I like that the finals are a bit more spread out now,” Hannah Armstrong ‘18 said.

The change in the schedule comes as a result of the multiple snow days that took place within the winter months of the school year. The district must complete a certain amount of hours within a school year, and the spreading out of the finals schedule over the course of a week will fill those hours missed by snow days.

“We have a lot less finals per day,  which is going to be a lot easier since we are not learning a ton of new things in our other classes. We get to spend more time studying and calming down before taking two finals,” Taylor Leveck ‘18 said.

The Monday of finals week will be spent reviewing material for the impending exams, like any normal school day. The Tuesday of finals week will be an A day, and will be having finals in periods 1 and 3. Periods 2 and 4 will have normal classes that day, and hold their finals on Thursday. The B days of the week will be similar, with Periods 5 and 7 having their finals on Wednesday, and Periods 6 and 8 having their finals on Friday.

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