Worth the Read?- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

On July 30, 2016, the world entered the wizarding world again for the first time since 2007. J.K Rowling worked with Jack Throne and John Tiffany to write a new play that debuted in London. Along with the new play, a book containing the play's script was released to the public. In the new book, the story picks up where the last story stopped, with Harry's children heading to Hogwarts.  This story focused on Harry's middle child, Albus Severus Potter and his story in Hogwarts with his best friend, Scorpius Malfoy. Along with the problems and challenges that Albus faces as he tries to cope with the fact that he is not his father, Harry is having troubles living a normal life and trouble brews just beneath the surface. When Albus goes off to wrong a right he believes he father committed in his past, he ends up causing new problems for the entire wizarding world and it is up to Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Draco; along with their children to save the wizarding world from the threat off a new mysterious dark wizard who threatens to bring back a dark age like when Voldemort was around. 

This new book has received a very mixed reactions. With some loving the new story and characters, other have criticized the book for being too "fictional" and not staying true to the original story, which includes how explains some devices used in the book, like the use of a Time Turner creating new parallel universes, going against existing ideas of how they work. Many fans have said that it reads like a bad "fan fiction"; a story written by a fan of a an existing universe. This story was not written in the same style as the old books and people feel that the ending to the last book was where the story should have ended.   It is because of this that those who have yet to read the book are hesitant to get the book.    

In my opinion, if you liked the old books and have an optimistic mind, this book can be a fun read. The characters are a mix of familiar faces like Harry and Draco or new like Scorpius; Draco's son. The plot can be entertaining and funny and the ending is very heart felt and teaches a lesson on communicating and learning to understand each other to build healthy relationships. It is true that this book is different but it was meant to be. It was written not only to be a stage show but to show a new story. While it includes the old characters and settings, the focus is on these new characters and new story of a different perspective of not only The Boy Who Lived but how the world views him and how his children are seeing the world. If you like the original, try this one but don't expect the same story.  


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