Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day is very special day to celebrate all that fathers do for their children everyday. It can be celebrated multiple ways, but for those who are struggling to find ideas to celebrate this underrated holiday, the Clypian will provide some ideas.

One of the best ways to show love and appreciation toward fathers is to get him a gift from the heart. This can vary from a cheaper gift, like a gift card to a store or restaurant he enjoys, to something more expensive but equally if not more heartfelt. Another way to celebrate Father’s Day is to wake him up with a nice breakfast and a day out. Activities to enjoy with him can include going to the movies, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or simply spending the day with him doing any activity that he likes to engage in. This leads into the best thing to do for Father’s Day, which is to spend time with him. This can take place at events like a barbeque or going out for dinner with the family. This shows fathers that their children care about them and wish to spend time with them rather than going out with friends.

“The tradition is just to spend time with my dad and how we do that is that we take him out  golfing,” Aaron Haugen, a health teacher at South, said. “A lot of parents appreciate time that is spent with their kids.”

Father’s Day is special but  you don’t need to break the bank, you can just spend time with him to celebrate the special day.

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