Post-Finals Recovery

With finals quickly approaching, many students are preparing themselves for the pending exams and looking forward to the end of school. To celebrate the hard work that they have done to prepare for exams, the Clypian researched ways to unwind and relax after the completion of finals.

After spending a whole week doing nothing but concentrating, it can be relaxing to just sit back and watch mindless television. However, what shows one chooses to watch can determine how relaxing this activity can be. Comedic shows like Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, That 70’s Show, or Friends can serve such a purpose.

Enjoying one’s favorite junk food can also be a restorative part of the finals recovery process. While regularly consuming junk food is not advisable for one’s health, comfort food such as macaroni and cheese, ice cream, or bread products can provide many students relief after test taking. Healthier foods like fresh fruit, nuts, and even lemon water can also help boost energy that one might have lost during test taking.

“Ice cream is the one thing that will calm me down after finals,” Olivia Cruz ‘18 said.

While recovering from finals in the privacy of home has its perks, some students prefer to go out and unwind with friends. Relaxing activities to do with friends include going to see a movie, going out to eat, or having sleepovers.

“Sometimes a friend or two and I will go out and eat lunch at a restaurant, or just go home and lie around,” Mackenzie Wigg ‘18 said.

While the efficiency of many of these post-finals activities may vary depending on the person, many of them have been useful to past test takers.

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